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Data Analyst Training Course

Course Content

Program Agenda

Software Development Life Cycle



Project life cycle

Requirement, documentation, Walkthrough

Database and SQL

Introduction to Relational database

Basics of SQL

Advanced SQL e.g joining tables for data, subqueries, common table expression


Source to target mapping

Different database vendors

Mastery in Excel

Introduction to Excel

Pivot tables in Excel

Different file types

Aggregation, functions and cleansing process within Excel

Charts and statistical modelling using Excel

Data Analysis with Python / R programming

Basics of python, Python data structures and functions

Python for data analytics

Data Wrangling with Python

Jupyter fundamentals

Pandas, Matplotlib, Numpy, SciPy, PySpark, API

Combining and exporting data

Data visualization using python

Excel reporting

Data visualization using PowerBI / Tableau

Intro to data visualization

Visual design basics and Tableau/Power BI

Different charts

Storytelling with data presentations

Presentation findings to stakeholders

Big Data

Introduction to Big Data

Introduction to Cloud

Data Mining, Data Warehouse

Data computation

Predictive analysis

Intro to Hadoop / MapReduce

Intro to Machine Learning


Version Control – Git

Live Project

Interview Preparation

Conduct Mock Interviews

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